Conferences and Workshops

 19May 2021IEEE Communications Magazine – Special Issue on Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems and Industry 4.0.“Towards Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems: Digital Twin meets Artificial Intelligence”. Milan Groshev, Jorge Martín-Pérez, Carlos Guimarães, Antonio de la OlivaUC3M
 18May 2021INFOCOM 2021Demo: “AIML-as-a-Service for SLA management of a Digital Twin Virtual Network Service”. J. Baranda, J. Mangues-Bafalluy, E. Zeydan, C. Casetti, C. F. Chiasserini, M. Malinverno, C. Puligheddu, M. Groshev, Carlos Guimarães, K. Tomakh, D. Kucherenko, O. KolodiazhnyiUC3M
 17Apr. 2021IEEE Access“Stateless Flow-Zone Switching using Software-Defined Addressing”. Sergio Gonzalez-Diaz, Roger Marks, Elisa Rojas, Antonio de la Oliva, Robert GazdaUC3M
 16Apr. 2021Wiley Internet Technology Letters“Support for Availability Attributes in Network Slices in GANSO”. Carlos Guimarães, Antonio de la Oliva, Luis M. ContrerasUC3M, Telefonica
 15Apr. 2021EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking“Architecture for integrating vertical customer programmability control of network functions and connectivity in a slice-as-a service schema”. Luis M. Contreras, S. Barguil, R. Vilalta, V. Lopez  Telefonica
 14Apr. 20212021 IEEE 7th International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft)“On Slice Isolation Options in the Transport Network and Associated Feasibility Indicators”. Luis M. Contreras, J. Ordonez-LucenaTelefonica
 13Mar. 2021IEEE Communications Magazine (IEEE COMMAG)“DEEP: A Vertical-Oriented Intelligent and Automated Platform for the Edge and Fog”. Carlos Guimarães, Milan Groshev, Luca Cominardi, Aitor Zabala, Luis M. Contreras, Samer T. Talat, Chao Zhang, Saptarshi Hazra, Alain Mourad, Antonio de la OlivaUC3M, IDCC, RISE, TELCA, ADLINK, Telefonica, ITRI
12 Jan. 2021IEEE Transactions on Mobile Communications“Delay and reliability-constrained VNF placement on mobile and volatile 5G infrastructure”. Balázs Németh, Nuria Molner, Jorge Martín-Pérez, Carlos J. Bernardos, Antonio de la Oliva, Balázs SonkolyUC3M
11Dec. 2020IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 Workshops on Advanced Technology for 5G Plus (AT5G+)“An Intelligent Edge-based Digital Twin for Robotics”. Luigi Girletti, Milan Groshev, Carlos Guimarães, Antonio de la Oliva, Carlos J. Bernardos UC3M
10Nov. 2020MIRC Building, NCTUWorkshop on Autonomous Drone Scout (ADS) in 5G-DIVEIII, ITRI, NCTU, ASKEY
9Nov. 2020NFV-SDN 2020“DLT federation for Edge robotics”. Kiril Antevski, Milan Groshev, Gabriele Baldoni, Carlos J. BernardosUC3M
8Nov. 2020NFV-SDN 2020“GANSO: Automate Network Slicing at the Transport Network Interconnecting the Edge”. José Takeru Infiesta, Carlos Guimarães, Luis M. Contreras, Antonio de la OlivaUC3M
7Oct. 2020MobiHoc 2020“Delay and reliability-constrained VNF placement on mobile and volatile 5G infrastructure”. Balazs Nemeth, Nuria Molner, Jorge Martín Pérez, Carlos J. Bernardos, Antonio de la Oliva, Balázs Sonkoly UC3M
6Sep. 2020ACM WiNTECH 2020“Demo: Assessing the need for 5G driven Edge and Fog solution for Digital Twin systems”. Milan Groshev and Carlos GuimarãesUC3M
5Jun. 2020EuCNC 2020“EagleEYE: Aerial Edge-enabled Disaster Relief Response System”. Muhammad Febrian Ardiansyah, Timothy William, Osamah Ibrahiem Abdullaziz, Li-Chun Wang, Po-Lung Tien, Maria C. YuangNCTU
4Jun. 2020IEEE ICC 2020 Workshop on Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Networks (CLEEN 2020)“Towards Very Low-Power Mobile Terminals through Optimized Computational Offloading”. Hergys Rexha, Sebastien Lafond, Giovanni Rigazzi, Jani-Pekka KainulainenIDCC
3Apr. 2020IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS)“Computing at the Edge: But, what Edge?”. Luis M. Contreras, Javier Baliosian, Pedro Martinez-Julia, Joan SerratTelefónica
2Feb. 2020International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN)“Demo: Multi-Radio Access Technology IoT Gateway”. Saptarshi Hazra, Thiemo Voigt, Bengt Ahlgren, Chenguang Lu, Daniel Cederholm, Gyanesh PatraEAB/RISE
1Nov. 2019Global Experimentation for Future Internet “5G-DIVE: eDge Intelligence for Vertical Experimentation”. Carlos Guimarães, Antonio de la Oliva, Arturo AzcorraUC3M