Online Workshop: 5G end-to-end experimentation by verticals in EU projects

The projects 5G-DIVE, 5G-EVE, 5G-VINNI, 5G-Tours and 5GROWTH co-organized an online workshop on 5G end-to-end experimentation by verticals in EU projects.   Last 9th of June, the 5G-PPP projects listed above co-organized an online workshop on their experience in 5G-end-to-end experimentation by verticals. Carlos J. Bernardos, from UC3M and 5GROWTH Project Coordinator introduced the event. In …

“5G para Drones y Robots” (SPANISH)

Zoom Net (RTVE), visita uno de los laboratorios de 5G más avanzados en Europa, 5TONIC. Antonio De La Oliva, coordinador del proyecto 5G-DIVE y Arturo Azcorra, vicepresidente de los Laboratorios 5TONIC, explican estos proyectos que pretenden demostrar el buen rendimiento en tiempo real y de manera remota que ofrece la conexión 5G en diferentes dispositivos …

Integrated virtualised edge and fog solution enhances low-latency connectivity

Source: CORDIS EU Research Results An EU initiative has introduced an integrated and virtualised networking and computing solution to leverage the pervasiveness of edge and fog computing in the radio access network (RAN). This creates a unique opportunity for access convergence. The EU-funded 5G-CORAL project tackled augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), fog-assisted robotics, connected …

How to control drones and industrial robots by means of 5G technology

Antonio de La Oliva, the coordinator of 5G- DIVE project is interviewed by the journal the He explains the advantages of using 5G technology in natural disasters by using drones and robots.


亞旭前進CES 迎接5G「超大低」魅力 [LINK to the article on]

Deployment of 5G Technology in Drones and Robots

Horizon 2020 research project coordinated by the UC3M Source: Universidad Carlos III of Madrid Scientists from Spain, Germany, France, Sweden and Taiwan collaborate on a technological cooperation project, coordinated by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), to study the economic viability of 5G telecommunications in two pilot tests with Artificial Intelligence (AI): one on …

Deployment of 5G technology in drones and robots

5G 技术植入无人机和机器人 植入无人机和机器人 : Implantación de tecnología 5G en drones y robots [link to the article]

5G-DIVE presents its technology cooperation project at National Chiao Tung University

The Kick-off Meeting of the project in which 5TONIC participates was held recently in Hsinchu (Taiwan) [See link on NETWORKS.IMDEA.ORG]  

InterDigital Announces New 5G Dive Project For 5G and Beyond Edge Solutions

InterDigital joins European and Taiwanese industrial and academic partners to develop intelligent edge for verticals [See announcement here]

5G-DIVE Kick-off Meeting

From October 31st to November 1st, representatives from 5G-DIVE’s consortium gathered in National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) facilities during it’s first kick-off project meeting. The project, which goes under the motto ” eDge Intelligence for Vertical Experimentation” has a consortium that compromises 12 partners, including leading international vendors, vertical industries, SMEs and research institutes and …

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