RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (SICS)

RISE is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. In international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, we ensure the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to a sustainable society. Our 2,300 employees support and promote all manner of innovative processes. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise and about 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in future-proofing technologies, products and services. In 2016, the former institutes of Innventia, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Swedish ICT merged to form RISE. The merged RISE drives advanced research in a broad spectrum of areas that are divided into six divisions. We have a long history of acknowledged high-quality research and conducting assignments in each of these divisions. RISE is a non-profit organisation. The headquarters of RISE are located in Gothenburg, but we have employees all over Sweden. The unit SICS within RISE is conducting advanced and focused research in strategic areas of computer science, and actively promotes the use of new research ideas and results in industry and society at large. SICS is an active participant in collaborative national, European and other international R&D programs. SICS has a proven record of disseminating and promoting industrial deployment of its research findings, including establishing spin-off companies and licensing of its software and patents. The NES group represents the forefront of European research on communication infrastructures for the Internet of Things such as wireless sensor networks. The research activity mainly revolves around system aspects, notably including the operating system layers where the Contiki OS currently represents the operating system for resource-constrained devices in Europe, and yet also spanning diverse topics ranging from application-oriented issues such as localisation and security down to MAC protocols. Such technical solutions have found their way not only into open source prototypes in the context of several European projects but also into industrial products. This experience is complemented by a vast background of SICS researchers on localisation, security, programming models, and real-world deployments, which includes an internationally recognized tutorial on sensor network programming and Contiki as well as awardwinning real-world deployments. SICS main research interests within the project are towards IoT and mobile drone computing. These span the management of IoT devices, including both the design of an IoT gateway and the enabling of IoT devices to cooperate in such system, and the design of coordinated drone operation and their necessary system support over the 5G network infrastructure. Specifically, examples of interesting research questions are what IoT-related or distributed robotics functions and services could be beneficial to run in the edge, how could multi-RAT information help improve IoT networks, and how to enable coordination and component migration across cloud, edge, and mobile robots. SICS’ contributions to the project will therefore mainly be related to design and implementation of an IoT gateway, adding functionality to the Contiki OS for the IoT devices, development of coordination schemes for mobile robots, and the implementation of distributed loosely coupled drone software.