National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)

National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) is one of Taiwan’s leading public research universities. Its main tasks are research and teaching. As a leading technological university, NCTU has more than 900 faculties and full-time researchers with doctorates from the world’s top universities. Based on the ESI (Essential Science Indicators) compiled by the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information), NCTU ranks 21st worldwide in the field of Computer Science. According to the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities conducted by Shanghai Jiaotong University, NCTU ranks 35th in Computer Science. The NCTU team members for this project have strong experiences in engaging in many national funded sci-tech projects and industry-university cooperative research projects. In addition, The team members have been exceptional active in several international technical communities such as IEEE and OSA, and serving as the guest editor of top-tier international journal (JSAC) and technical program committee of several prestigious conferences (ICC, GLOBCOM, WCNC, HPSR). Edge Data center networking (EDCN) has been envisioned as one of the most prominent technologies for supporting future edge computing for 5G. Since 2012 till now, this NCTU team has been participating in a six-year large-scale project funded by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on the NextGeneration Optical Data Center Network Architecture/testbed with SDN-Enabled traffic engineering control mechanisms. In this project, we have explored key optical DCN technologies, met its challenges, and designed and prototyped a novel optical pyramid data center network architecture (OPMDC), which was shown to achieve scalable and high bandwidth, low latency, reduced power consumption and wiring complexity. Further, since 2017 till now, the team has been funded by and collaborated with Delta Electronics, engaging in edge datacentre networking technology and proof-of-technology prototype testbed development. In addition, since 2018/1/1, we have awarded an AI project from MoST, “Intelligent Communications and Networking Technologies for Drone-Cells (MoST 107-2634-F-009-006).