Industrial Technology Research Institute Incorporated (ITRI)

Founded in 1973, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan’s economy from a labour-intensive industry to a high-tech industry. Focusing on six research fields including Information and Communications, Electronics and Optoelectronics, Material, Chemical and Nanotechnology, Medical Devices and Biomedical, Mechanical and Systems, Green Energy and Environment, ITRI has aggressively researched and developed countless next-generation technologies. To date, ITRI holds more than 20,000 patents and has assisted in the creation of more than 240 start-ups and spin-offs. Numerous well-known high-tech companies in Taiwan, such as the leaders in the semiconductor industry TSMC and UMC, can trace their origins to ITRI. The major pillars of Information and Communication Research in ITRI include core technologies for Broadband Wireless Communications, Smart Internet of Everything, Broadband Convergence System & Integration, Mobile Digital Life, Telematics and Intelligent Transportation Systems, Cloud Computing System, Big Data Technologies, Intelligent System and Services Technologies, and SOC and System Platform Design Technology. ITRI team has capabilities in communication network design, and will contribute to the architectural design of MEC and protocols/interfaces which will help to integrate MEC in the current mobile system. Secondly, ITRI is very active in the standardization mainly at 3GPP. Last but not least, we have strong links with Taiwan’s networking equipment vendors that are potential novel 5G devices, creators, so ITRI can offer great value to project partners by recommending cost-effective manufacturers and related clusters in Taiwan for prototyping activities. ITRI will strongly contribute to the overall design of the 5GDive architecture. In addition to that, ITRI will be contributing to Autonomous Drone scout testbeds in 5G-Dive. Furthermore, ITRI MEC platform will be part of 5G edge and connectivity especially for Drone scout testbed. Indeed, ITRI MEC prototype, called intelligent Mobile Edge Cloud (iMEC), which is satisfying the technique features of the ETSI. Therefore, ITRI is looking to integrate the solutions of MEC and 5G-CORAL which is envisioned in 5G-DIVE.Special attention will be paid to the Drone-to-Drone direct communication and Drone Fleet Relay. ITRI will lead WP3 and demonstrates the developed technologies in WP2 in and Autonomous Drone Scout field trials. An additional task that that will be conducted by ITRI is the standardization, mainly at the TAICS and 3GPP.