Institute for Information Industry (III)

Institute for Information Industry (III) began as a shared vision between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and several private enterprises with the intention to pool resource to assist in Taiwan’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development. As known as III, the organization has long been held as a successful example of a well-chosen collaboration between government and private sector. Since its inception in 1979, III’s founding mission has been to increase Taiwan’s global competitiveness through the development of its information technology infrastructure and its related industries. III has been a key R&D technology contributor to Taiwan’s ICT industry in addition to playing a pivotal role in promoting the adoption of ICT in both the public and private sector. For over 39 years, III has successfully propelled Taiwan into an advanced information society. During this time, III encouraged the development of the IT industry and consequently established a direction for the development of ICT for Taiwan. Based on its status as a non-governmental organization, III’s current work can be summarized as promoting industrial applications, R&D technology, IT professional development and cultivation. Over the last few years, III has been conducting research on advanced wireless communication field and involving in several governmental projects related to 5G technology. III also participates in TAICS (Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards), 3GPP for global standard meetings and technical events. In addition, III has strong experience and background on IoT domain and industrial connection both domestically and internationally. III actively seeks out international collaborations to introduce cutting-edge technologies and to elevate R&D capabilities. Towards the goal of international collaborations, III strives to obtain information on demand for innovative applications and for the fulfillment of intelligent living. The ambition of III is hence to further establish partnership with EU and to extend the technology border while participating the project.