University Carlos III of Madrid

University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing an efficient, high quality public undergraduate and graduate education. In its two decades of existence, it has established itself among the best universities in Spain – in 2012, UC3M was included in the QS ranking of the top 50 universities world-wide under 50. The Telematics Department of UC3M is involved in education and research on broadband networks, mobile networks, advanced Internet networking and applications, and has recently been ranked as the best Department in its area in Spain by the main national ranking. Its staff has participated and coordinated projects of several European R&D programs, e.g., ICT Carmen, ICT Trilogy, IST Daidalos, ICT Medieval, ICT iJOIN, ICT CROWD, H2020 5G-NORMA, H2020 5G-Exchange, H2020 Flex5Gware, H2020 5G-Crosshaul, 5G-TRANSFORMER and Spanish R&D programs, and also in contracts with the industry and public administrations. Notably, UC3M is coordinating the H2020 EU/TW Phase I project 5G-CORAL. UC3M has demonstrated experience on the coordination of EU Projects, such as ICT CARMEN or ICT iJOIN and large H2020 projects such as 5G-Crosshaul. UC3M also has strong experience on the analysis, simulation and experimentation of wireless systems (performance evaluation, design of new access schemes, driver and firmware extensions, mid-size testbed deployments, etc.). This experience is proven by UC3M's participation in previous related national and EU projects (ICT FLAVIA, ICT Trilogy, IST Daidalos, etc.), as well as many publications in top-level journals (ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking, IEEE TMC, IEEE JSAC, etc.) and conferences (ACM CoNEXT, IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE Globecom, etc.) and experience in technology transfer to the industry. UC3M has also a broad experience in standardisation activities, specifically on IETF, IEEE, ETSI and the ONF. In the IETF, UC3M has been a key driver of the efforts on the Distributed Mobility Management approach, and is present in several WGs very related to the proposal, such as IRTF SDNRG and NFVRG. Dr. Bernardos is chairing the recently chartered IPWAVE WG, which is of relevance to the automotive vertical, as well as cocoordinating the Internet Area directorate. At the IEEE, UC3M vice-chaired the IEEE 802.21b TG, and holds the position of IEEE 802.21d Technical Editor. In addition, UC3M was deeply involved in the creation of the IEEE 802.1cf (OMNIRAN) TG, being one of the co-authors of the PAR and 5C documents and a key driver of the SDN use case. At ETSI, UC3M is actively participating at ETSI NFV and is acting as rapporteur of the ETSI White Paper on Crosshauling.
Finally, UC3M also contributes to the ONF, being a Research Associate since 2015, and participating in the Wireless Transport PoCs and authoring several documents, in the area of Carrier Grade Networks, being the co-editors of the gap analysis of the Cross Stratum Optimisation working group. UC3M team will leverage this experience to strongly contribute in the design of the 5G-DIVE architecture. Furthermore, UC3M researchers also have a lot of experience in developing large scale testbeds. An additional task that that will be conducted by UC3M is the standardization, mainly at the IETF, ETSI, ONF and IEEE. Partner’s activities mapping to project tasks.