Deliverable No.Deliverable NameAbstract
1.15G-DIVE architecture and detailed analysis of vertical use cases M6
1.25G-DIVE Techno-economic Analysis M12
1.35G-DIVE final architecture M18
1.4Conclusions on vertical oriented 5G field trials and future outlook M24
2.15G-DIVE innovations specification M9
2.25G-DIVE components initial implementation M9
2.3Final specification of 5G-DIVE innovations M18
2.45G-DIVE components final implementation M18
3.1Definition and Setup of Vertical Trial Sites
3.2Results of initial validation campaign of vertical use cases M14
3.3KPI and performance evaluation of 5G-DIVE platform in vertical field trials M24
4.1Y1 CoDEP including standardization plan M6
4.2Achievements of Y1 and updated CoDEP for Y2 including standardization plan M12
4.3Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation achievements through the project, exploitation plan after the end of the project and assessment of the contribution of 5G-DIVE in support of 5G M24
5.1Project Portal and Communication ChannelsThis deliverable reports the set-up of project portal and communication channels as social media
(Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn). It also provides the information about the management
tools created to facilitate the communication and collaborative work.
5.2Final project report M24