eDge Intelligence for Vertical Experimentation


5G-DIVE端對端5G試驗的目標在致力於通過兩個垂直要點(vertical pilots)來呈現5G技術優點和商業價值,這兩個垂直要點分別是(i)工業4.0和(ii)自主性無人機偵察。這些試驗將針對端對端5G的設計,在每個垂直要點針對的應用目標上做量身的定制,例如 數字孿生(digital twinning)和無人機機群導航應用。


5G-DIVE: eDge Intelligence for Vertical Experimentation

5G-DIVE量身訂製的設計(bespoke design)主要圍繞於兩大支柱: (1)端對端5G連接性,其中包括5G 新無線電技術(New Radio),Crosshaul傳輸和5G Core。(2)集成位於用戶附近的智能分佈式邊緣和霧運算 (fog computing)。 第二支柱可以透過增加支援自動化的人工智能和分佈式分散式賬本技術(distributed ledger technologies),顯著地擴展了EU-TWPhase-I 5G-CORAL解決方案的框架。針對性的智能量身訂製設計更可以實現最佳的性能,進而顯著提高每個垂直應用的5G商業價值。5G-DIVE試驗的目標是在歐洲和台灣的垂直應用下運行數週的試驗台的實際測試,充分利用歐洲5G端對端設施的ICT-17call的和台灣的試驗台設施。

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Project data

Nº Grant Agreement: 859881
Duration: 27 months 
Start date: 01 Oct 2019
Estimated Project cost: 4.304.416,25€
Requested EU Contribution: 1.999.930€

A few things about us:

5G-DIVE Project is part of the 5G PPP

5G PPP is a joint initiative between the European Commission and European ICT industry (ICT manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, SMEs and researcher Institutions).

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5G-DIVE is 5G-CORAL evolution

Our goal: Design, validate and verify an intelligent 5G solution that integrates 5G connectivity with edge and fog computing (and intelligence residing on this new distributed edge).

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5G-DIVE is partially funded by the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020/TW joint action 5G-DIVE, under Grant Agreement no. 589881 and supervised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan (MOEA).

Project Leaflet and Poster

Download our Project Leaflet and Poster and learn about 5G-DIVE’s vision and how it evolves from 5G-CORAL, its preceeding project. This project will be developing and demonstrating its platform in two main vertical industry use cases: Industry 4.0 and Aotonomous Drone Scout. Find out more by clicking on the buttons below.






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Our Team:

Dr. Antonio de la Oliva

Project Coordinator (PC)

University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M)

Dr. Hua-Lung Tsai

Taiwanese Coordinator

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Dr. Alain Mourad

Technical Manager (Europe)

InterDigital Europe

Dr. Maria Yuang

Technical Manager (Taiwan)

National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)

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